Lily Anjel



capture the vibrant beauty of a free spirit


Lily has abandoned art for over a decade falling into the trap of negative thinking and self-doubt. The forsaking of her gift resulted in a deep sense of emptiness, anxiety, and frustration.

After having her son in 2016, a new awakening took place of her true self and she vowed to never abandon her art again. 

Once Upon A Time…

A talented young girl came from Russia to pursue her dream of becoming a famous artist, but the fear of being a “starving artist” distracted her from her passion and took her away on an endless chase of making money rather than making art.


She dreamed of getting back to her art when she “retired” all the while sinking deeper into the feeling of emptiness and frustration due to a lack of purpose.

But One Day…

She said enough is enough! When her son was born, she could no longer hustle like she used to. Becoming a mother slowed her way down and caused her to reflect on her life and who she really is. She remembered how lost she would be in her paintings for hours and how time seemed to stand still when she painted, that’s when she realized that her passion is her art and decided to never take her gift for granted again.



Because of That…

She searched deep inside herself to find her artistic voice and discovered that she loves all things bohemian; the colors, the flowers, the care-free spirit, the beauty and the freedom of the soul. She decided to no longer concern herself with what people may want to buy but instead to listen to her inner voice and only paint what makes her heart sing.



Until Finally…

She picked up her brush again in 2018 and created more paintings in one month than she did in 10 years. She launched her new website and created a lifestyle of art, beauty, and wellness. She also launched her YouTube Channel – The Art of Self Care by Lily Anjel where she documents time-lapse videos of her paintings and teaches natural remedies to maintain ageless beauty. She called her channel the Art of Self Care because it’s a perfect blend of the three things she is most passionate about, art, beauty, and wellness. She is now dedicated to producing content to inspire people and to help them live a better life. This new path is giving her life a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose.  



Her greatest hope is to be a source of inspiration to you so that you can harness your God-given gifts and step into your greatness. You are so much more than what you have been lead to believe. Don't fall for the lie that you have to choose between your passion or making money. You can have both! Your gifts have great value. They are your treasure. Don't wait for someone to give you permission to be you. Don't wait for a savior to dig you out and dust you off and make you shine. Decide now that this is your time to prosper. You are your own hero. Reach deep down and carve out the masterpiece you were created to be. Live your life in such a way that when you are taking your last breath, you will feel no regrets. Shine brightly and fill the world with your light. 






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